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The Owl’s Nest is a Holistic Alternative School, we create an educational experience that holistically approaches the whole child as well as specializes in individualized education. With the structure and support of experienced Ontario Certified Teachers (OCT), Early Childhood Educators and Various Specialized Educators, children explore interests and expand their potential in a multitude of ways. Through engaging in nature, experiential learning and child-led experiences, the school evolves and grows organically and dynamically, just as the diverse nature of each student.

 Located at Reroot Organic Farm in Harriston Ontario, we offer various programs to meet the needs of all students and families.

​In 2024/2025 we are offering:

•Holistic Alternative School K-Grade 7: FULL TIME (5 day) or Part Time (3 day)

•Forest School K-Grade 4: 2 Day Program (T/Th)

Forest School Grade 5-8: T/Th programs (1 or 2 day)

•March Break Camp

Summer Camp (TBD)

•Preschool Programs and Parent and Tot Group

•Speaking, Presenting and Mentoring/Coaching