Board of Directors of The Owl’s Nest Holistic School

​Néstor is a proud father of two incredible kids and husband to his best friend Carly. Together they grew a fondness of this community as it affords the rich open space, agriculture and pace that they sought to raise a family. Having attended Laurier University and Guelph University in pursuit of concurrent degrees in Psychology and Philosophy, Néstorknew his future was in helping change the world of children. Spending hours as a volunteer in classrooms with the UGDSB eventually leading to a yard supervisory role while attending University. From there after leaving University he worked with Family and Children Services of Wellington County as a social worker for adolescents as well as a volunteer position with the Community Torchlight organization in Guelph on the help phone lines. Inspired by the birth of their children, Néstor took on a role in Sales from which he had found success prior to returning to school, rising through the ranks to take on a management role. This role allowed the team to conclude that conventional schooling was not for their children, the decision was made for Carly to establish a home based early development centre. Now as a school, he sits on the Board of Directors for the Owl’s Nest Holistic Alternative School charged with overseeing the Not For Profit business decisions of the organization.

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